Warren Commission cover up

related page: House Select Committee on Assassinations - 1978 report admitted a second gunman, but declined to investigate further

to believe Warren Commission and its "lone gunman" theory one must believe the single bullet theory created by Warren Commission attorney Arlen Specter (who was rewarded for his work by being made a US Senator from Pennsylvania)

the single bullet - or magic bullet theory is the only way to pretend that one rifle was used to create all of the wounds, if you don't believe this claim then the Warren Commission thesis of the "lone nut" is invalidated




"One must give the CIA (and the assassination sponsors that were even further in the shadows) their due for having devised and executed a brilliant setup. They had played out a scenario to Kennedy's death in Dallas that pressured other government authorities to choose among three major options: a war of vengeance against Cuba and the Soviet Union based on the CIA's false Mexico City documentation of an assassination plot; a domestic political war based on the same documents seen truly, but a war the CIA would fight with every covert weapon at its command; or a complete coverup of any conspiracy evidence and a silent coup d'etat that would reverse Kennedy's efforts to end the Cold War. Lyndon Johnson, for his part, took little time to choose the only option he felt would leave him with a country to govern. He chose to cover up everything and surrender to Cold War prerogatives. However, he was not about to attack Cuba and the U.S.S.R. His quick personal acceptance of what had to be would only emerge more gradually in public. Rather than end it all quickly and heroically against Castro and Krushchev, he would ride gently, through the 1964 election, into the full fury of Vietnam."
-- James Douglass, "JFK and the Unspeakable," pp. 81-82


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